About Us

Anduril Technologies

The leadership team at Anduril Technologies has an experience of more than 20 years across various technology businesses, logistics and distribution and are technocrats with experience in open source technologies. Over a period of time, they have specialized in building “scalable” technology solutions in the business domains of Payments, Microfinance, Telecom and ERP.

Their legacy experience on optimizing processes for payments has lead to the development of their own product AutoPe. A smart and a hassle-free platform! Their leadership also comprises of stellar experience from the fields of Marketing and Digital positioning. This enhances what the brand has to offer to all its clients.

Our Mission

At Anduril Technologies, our teams work towards offering our clients a full scale, innovative and scalable technology solutions. Our inhouse team is skilled and works with the highest level of integrity to provide timely support to all our clients.

Our Vision

To become a global leader in offering scalable software solutions in the domains of Smart Payments, Microfinance, Telecom and ERP.

Our Services


We provide scalable automation solutions to Micro Finance Institutions operating in Grameen, SHG or Direct model.


A hassle free order process developed by us, where buyers can order multiple cards, make consolidated payments and leave instructions on the distribution of money to these cards, all through a central interface.


A web/app platform where users can enroll real time for a mandate, allowing them to avoid any payment delays.