Manage top-ups, ticket bookings and bill payments, all consolidated in one place for you!

Automated ticket bookings through a mandate, skip the payment gateway

Automated bill payment through a mandate

Maintaining a rolling deposit scheme

Providing bank guarantee

Auto top-up smart card

Multi payment instruments integration

Extending a short term credit

Save time

No more waiting in long queues, imagine what you could do with the time you save!

No payment delays/failures

A Pre-funded account link will be provided preventing any transaction failures.

Manage Payments

Now there will be no need for recurring payment initiation, manage your payments via the app.

Short term credit

Now there will be flexibility for credit for shorter duration. Worries away!

AutoPe WOW factor

Check how we have changed the landscape of booking tickets, saving time for payments, and maximizing customer retention

Fastest way of booking a ticket during Tatkal hours

Hassle free 'Frequent bookings'

Minimized Payment failures

Auto top at the AFC gates

Instant refunds as compared to current system

Card is never left cashless

Save time - No need for AVM or counter visits

Optimized Customer Retention process.

User management in AutoPe

A simple user friendly process to give a mandate on real time basis.

SI on Debit card

Bank Account verification

Mandate set on bank account and credit cards.

Customer can fix limit for maximum amount to be debited from his bank account

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