Our Services


We provide scalable automation solutions to Micro Finance Institutions operating in Grameen, SHG or Direct model.


A hassle free order process developed by us, where buyers can order multiple cards, make consolidated payments and leave instructions on the distribution of money to these cards, all through a central interface.


A web/app platform where users can enroll real time for a mandate, allowing them to avoid any payment delays.

Great possibilities

An in-house technology and leadership team that has the vision and ability to develop and manage large subscriber based apps/platforms

Technologically skilled.

UX/UI effective designs.

Leadership to drive large consumer buy-ins.

Great possibilities

We believe that Businesses that use technology as an enablers should continue to stay technology agnostic. Our solutions help them stay focused on their business strategy, their core competency, and their customers, while their technology runs smoothly. We are scalability experts, and we operate mainly in the fields of Smart Payments and Microfinance.

Our Skills, Talents &

Our in-house technology team expanse is across simple and complex coding platforms. Team strength suffices helping a small, medium and even a large business scalability project.




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Technology scaling projects can be complex and it deserves a conversation before capability mapping. Let’s talk, give us your details and we will set up a meeting! Your data is safe with us.